Who is this guy?

My name is Justin Kubatko. I created the website Basketball-Reference.com and was its sole operator from its launch in May 2004 until August 2013, when I left Sports Reference for other opportunities. Even though it’s been almost 10 years since I left Sports Reference, my passion for NBA statistics and history has not waned.

I run a prolific Twitter account that is followed by some of the biggest names in NBA media: Marc Stein, Howard Beck, and David Aldridge, among many others. I enjoy using Twitter, but lately I’ve been asking myself two questions:

  1. Why do I continue to use a medium that does not allow me to include all of the context I would like to provide?

  2. Why do I continue to provide free content to a multi-billion dollar platform for free?

And that has led me here.

Why subscribe?

I currently spend 1-2 hours every day culling the best statistical nuggets from the previous day’s NBA games. Your support will allow me to continue to harvest the content you want to consume, bringing you much more detail than can be provided when faced with a 280-character limit.

What should you expect?

If you like following my Twitter account, I think you’ll love what I have in store here:

  • A “Game Notes” column, published several times per week, that will highlight some of the more notable statistical accomplishments in the NBA from the previous day (or days).

  • An “On This Day” column, published several times per week, that will revisit some of the greatest moments in NBA history.

  • A weekly “Mailbag” column that will answer some of the best user-submitted queries.

I have other ides as well to help carry you through the dark days known as the offseason, such as all-time teams for each franchise and a breakdown of the Hall of Fame cases for players who might be considered borderline candidates.

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President, Statitudes LLC; Creator, Basketball-Reference.com; Coach, Bishop Watterson Cross Country and Track & Field; Alumnus, The Ohio State University Graduate School.