I'm not a fan of the Keltner List as a HOF decider, but it does add some context. I also think that TEAM championships is a poor way of evaluating INDIVIDUAL quality of play. Iggy played on 4 champs, which is 16 PO series, but it's hard to find even 1 of those 16 series where he was decisive in turning a possible loss into a win. 2015 Finals is obviously his best series by far in those 4 champs/16 series, but he didn't play as well in it as Curry (who should have been the FMVP), and Iggy wasn't much better than Green, either. He gets praise for D for holding LeBron to .477 TS%, but let's face it, LeBron still averaged 36, 13, and 9. Anyway, 67-win Warriors were favored over 53-win Cavs who then lost Kyrie and Love for Finals. Warriors won 4-2 with average margin of victory of 7.2 PPG. In sum, Iggy was not crucial to winning in 2015 Finals.

Iggy's best comp is probably AC Green, and not too many people are clamoring for AC to be in the HOF.

BTW, I went to U of Arizona, and I'm a Iggy fan, but he's just not HOF caliber.

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It’s not a decider. It’s intended to make one consider all sides of a player’s candidacy.

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